Diné “Churro” Sheep Flocks

Dawn, Daisey Mae, Aztlán, Guardian Angel

Fawn and Nizhóní

Skirting wool with visiting Teacher, Alexis Córdova

Shearing day with visiting Teacher, Lyla Johnston

Safe, Sisnajini, Nizhóní, Fawn, Genette 

Building sheep shelters

A wonderful master builder coming to help!

Daisey Mae and her babies Hózhó and Miracle

Owner, Jackie Cordova & Royal (the ram who started it all)

Dawn, one of our bottle-fed babies

Beautiful wool

Making rugs

Shearing day

Onyx and Deer

Aztlán at the water bowl

Genette and baby Juniper

Ancient Horses of the Americas (pre-Columbian/ Indigenous)

Desert Walker, Stallion (South Eastern and Mayan)

Sunflower, Lead Mare (Ute and Lakota)

Prairie Moon, 2nd in Command (Lakota)

Mama Sunflower and her first born, Hanbleceya


Baby Sweet Mountain greeting the sheep

Prairie getting an alfala snack

Prairie and Alexis praying

Indigenous Seeds and Planting

Jemez Pueblo White Corn

Ancestral seed varieties

Growing squash

Corn, beans, squash

Haudenosaunee tobacco from the Kahnawake community

Dried pods

Tiny seeds!

Garden set-up helpers, thank you!

Wild berries

More wild berries

Seed exchange

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